Launch Meeting Stand4kids in Estoril

October 24th, 2018

In a joint organization between AIDFM-CETERA and SPP, the official launch of STAND4KIDS, the Portuguese national hub for the c4c project, was held on the morning of October 24th at Palácio Estoril Hotel [program].

Following the opening session, Prof. Mark Turner (c4c Scientific Coordinator) did a presentation about Addressing challenges in Pediatric clinical trials – the c4c project. The perspective of the national competent authority, INFARMED, was presented by Prof. Mª Céu Machado (President of the Executive Board) and the view from the National Ethics Committee for Clinical Research (CEIC) was presented by Prof. Mª Alexandra Ribeiro (Vice President). Prof. Ricardo Fernandes (Project Lead) did a presentation about the hub, STAND4KIDS, where objectives, expectations and operationalization of the network in Portugal were discussed.

The meeting was attended by several sites and research groups, Young Patient Advisory Groups, EUPATI among other guests. It was a productive and successful starting point of a long term project to wich the STAND4KIDS team is fully committed to.



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